Coding Can Change the World

Did you know coding has the power to help people, animals, and even our planet? Join Mia as she discovers a whole new side to coding! Mia builds the confidence to believe in what she sets her mind to and inspires readers to do things that seem challenging at first. What she once thought was boring, she now realizes the immense possibilities coding can bring to the world.

Richard and the Colorful Balloons

Why do we start a business? To work hard? To become wealthy? Do donate to others? For Richard, it was to go fishing with his dad. Find out how he started his balloon business in this uplifting adventure of Richard and the Colorful Balloons. Give this book as a gift to a teacher, parent, or child.

Sharing Shelly

From giving away her snack to telling a joke to brighten someone’s day, Shelly learns how the gift of sharing can have a powerful impact on those around her. Join Shelly on some heartwarming adventures as she discovers the beauty of sharing!

What Rhymes With…?

Get ready to start your adventure in the Land of Rhymes! Relax, find a comfy spot, and you might find some words that rhyme a lot!

Ascend Journal Academy

A step-by-step course on publishing your journal on online bookstores and make passive income.

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