Productive Work – How to Increase Your Productivity To Get Awesome Results

Administrative can be a grueling task. Each day, there is a lot of work to be done and there is a lot of projects to complete. But, having a good system set in place can ease your work. It can eliminate extra hard work and input more smart work. I do believe hard work is still included, but working in a smart way can help you make your work life more productive.

Here are tips for productive work:

1. Automate Everything as Much as Possible

I’m a big believer of working yourself out of a job. If the job can go on without the worker, then I’ve mastered it. When I first worked at a startup school, I remember the previous administrator had to come into each classroom and bring a physical copy of the attendance sheet to the teachers and pick it up after the class is over. I thought that was a waste of time for me and the instructors. Why not utilize the power of the internet and do your attendance sheet online? The attendance sheet would be easier to track, it would save my time and the teachers time, and best of all, it saves paper. Also, automating the emails can free up a lot of your time and it can bring tremendous results.

For example, my job consists of emailing students and teachers their reminders of current events. I would email students about their payment reminders, events, and other important information that they need. I would send them any school information during the school year to help remind them of the info so it’s fresh in their mind. This helps the students stay on top of their schooling and leaves me with less emails coming from the students.

Teachers also receive reminders as I remind them about their attendance, meetings, and events. They are currently being updated weekly automatically without me actually emailing them each week.

This is how I did it: I would setup the emails early in the school year and finish the automated emails for the upcoming semester. To do this process, I would use an email service like Mailchimp, Boomerang, or Gemelius.

It doesn’t matter which service you use as long it produces the results you need. For example, mailchimp is a free email software that you can use that allows you to receive email subscribers and send our automated emails. I love Mailchimp as it’s free and it makes my email life much easier. To conclude, automate everything as much as possible

2. Email Only Twice A Day

There is an emailing problem in the work world. For most people emailing is such a big part of their work life. We constantly get bombarded with emails from people that are demanding for their questions to be answered.

I came to a point where I didn’t like the idea of checking my emails 5-6 times a day. Even the times where you are on your break and use your phone to check emails is still considered checking your emails. Personally, I rather stay away from emails as much as possible so I opted to check emails twice a day.

If I could check my emails once a day, I would. Emailing twice a day worked perfect for me because it enabled me to get faster results without losing my producitivy. If I could (without losing good results), I would even scale it back to once a day.

You can try to experiment with this. I like to check my emails in the morning and then once more in the afternoon after lunch. I find that this works quite well and left me with more time to finish my bigger priorities at work.

3. Postpone Your Emails

There are some emails that you can’t response to because you don’t have the answer to them. For example, I get questions about events taking in the future. They ask details about who is attending, the dates, and what we should we be expecting.

As the responder, I have absolutely no idea since I don’t have any info on them. Also, I rather not respond to them and say, “I don’t know.” That answer may appear unprofessional. If it was my company, I would probably say that, but if I’m representing another company, I do want to appear as professional as possible. In other words, make them look good. So this is what you do: wait and get the info first and then respond later with the correct response.

To do this, there is an option on Gmail to make the email “Mark as unread,” but I rather use another email software called “Boomerang.” What Boomerang does it allows you to send that email that you choose at a later date. This can be very specific as it could be a couple hours later, the next day, or even the next month. This way you have that email come back to you effectively so have a less likely chance of missing it.